Employee Spotlights from the Director

Bradley Grigg, CEO of JYS

Bradley Grigg joined JYS as the Chief Executive Officer in May 2016. Prior to joining the JYS family, Bradley served as the Community Mental Health Administrator for nearly 10 years, in addition to serving the State of Alaska’s Division of Behavioral Health as the State Opioid Treatment Authority for 2 years. Prior to moving to Juneau, Bradley worked in Children’s Behavioral Health in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, holding multiple positions throughout his career including Behavioral Health Associate, Case Manager, Therapeutic Foster Parent, Directing Clinician, Clinical Director and Executive Director. His passion? ¬†“Whatever need (family or individual) walks through our door, that’s our purpose; that’s our community; that’s why we are here.” ¬†Bradley has lived in Juneau since 2005. He is married with two children.

Larry Lee


If there was ever a person who is cool under pressure during an emergent and stressful circumstance, Larry Lee is that person. Larry joined the JYS Family in October 2015 and has served as a Supervisor at Cornerstone Emergency Shelter, typically the overnight shift, since his arrival. It doesn't matter what time of night a youth or family in crisis shows up at our door. Larry is that steady, calm, welcoming presence that not only expedites the intake process into the Shelter but leaves the youth and family with the hope that a plan to meet their need began the moment they walked into the door. Larry, your commitment to Cornerstone and every youth/family that walks through the door evidences your passion for helping any need that presents itself.

Gail Perez

Family Outpatient Clinician

Passion, welcoming, flexibility, support, families.....just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Gail's approach to serving families through our Family Outpatient Program (FOP). Gail came to JYS in January 2010, initially serving as the directing clinician for the JYS Assessment Center. Gail transitioned into FOP in November 2011 and continues to serve as one of our primary FOP Directing Clinicians. Gail is one of those that doesn't fit a family into her own schedule - she fits herself into their schedules to ensure they get the support needed to be successful. Gail is also the 2016 JYS Employee of the Year! Gail, I'm grateful you're a part of this family. Our families are grateful you're in their lives.

Joel Ribao

School-Based Services Supervisor

"Whatever it takes"....That's the Joel I've come to know. Joel Ribao joined the JYS Family in February 2008. He is one of those individuals that can truly say he understands what it means to be a Behavioral Health Associate, a Case Manager, and a Supervisor - both in Residential Treatment and in School Based Services. What makes him such an effective supervisor at JYS is that he has actually done the work of those he supervises. Joel is a leader. He brings a dynamic creativity to the table that enhances any work group he is a part of. Joel, you've been with us for 8 years. That's a lot of history. Even more so, you are a significant part of our future moving forward. Thanks for your service, and I look forward to the future impacts you'll make on the staff you serve and our students in SBS.