Wallington House (Boys 12-18)

Wallington House is a 6-bed, long-term residential treatment program for boys ages 12 to 18 with sexual offenses, or who have acted out sexually. 5 spots are for boys who have been adjudicated of a sexual offense and are in custody of the state. One spot is available for non-adjudicated youth in family custody.the wallington house

Residents receive group, individual, and family counseling in addition to skill building to develop positive coping skills. These services help ensure a youth’s successful transition back to their families and communities. ¬†Aftercare and follow-up services are also provided.

Karin Shaggeby Wallington House PC

Youth come to us with multiple issues related to substance use, anger, family relationships, PTSD, and FASD. The Wallington House program incorporates aspects of Relapse Prevention, Wellness Planning, and Positive Peer Culture. The program is strengths-based and assists youth in learning appropriate boundaries and life-coping skills and integrating them into their daily lives. Wallington House includes families in its process and incorporates each client’s cultural background.

Wallington residents receive their educational services through Juneau School District personnel. Residents attend school in a self-contained classroom staffed by Juneau School District teachers and aides, located in the Miller House facility. Clients with Special Education requirements receive individualized services depending on individual need.

Wallington House Details

  • Care level : IV
  • Age Range : 12-18 years
  • Gender(s) : Boys only
  • Beds : 6
  • Staff to Client Ratio: 1:3
  • Length of stay : 16-24 months

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