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About Juneau Youth Services

Every Alaska child and teen deserves a chance to thrive in a world full of opportunity, but sometimes that takes a little help. Juneau Youth Services assists Alaska’s most vulnerable populations. JYS helps youth and families develop the tools necessary to succeed. Operating since 1961, we provide emergency, residential and community-based mental health and substance use services, collectively known as behavioral health care.


JYS provides individualized, strengths-based services to children and their families, in the most comfortable and least restrictive setting. The programs at JYS simulate home-like environments that emphasize the development of positive, nurturing relationships. The primary goal is to maintain or reunite the child with their family whenever it’s in the best interest of the child.


JYS employs a team of approximately 26 people, including behavioral health and clinical professionals. Our philosophy is contained in the nationally recognized Teaching Family Model. It prioritizes therapeutic relationships with JYS caregivers as the primary providers of effective treatment in supportive, family-style settings. With 60 years of experience, we are the leading youth and family-focused behavioral health provider in Juneau. 

Image by Kayti Coonjohn


Responding to the behavioral health needs of Alaska’s children.


To empower youth, engage families and encourage communities to create healthy futures for Alaska’s youth and families.


We embrace all characteristics and experiences that define us as individuals by learning, engaging and growing.

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For Our Team

We celebrate a culture of teamwork that respects diversity and encourages life/work balance. We welcome and support change.

For Young People & Families We Serve

We connect with people where they are to support who they believe they are meant to be.

For Our Community

We understand and respond to the needs of our community through collaborative relationships and teamwork.

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