Behavioral Health Associate

Behavioral Health Associate (BHA) is an entry level position and appropriate for people with little to no experience in the field of behavioral health.  At Juneau Youth Services (JYS), you will learn to provide a strengths-based approach to helping youth cope with trauma, manage their behavior and live successfully in their communities.

Behavioral Health Associates earn paid time off, medical, dental and vision insurance benefits.  After three years, BHAs are eligible to earn retirement benefits.  BHA is also a good opportunity for anyone considering a degree program in psychology, counseling or social work.  Experience as a BHA is highly applicable for those degree programs and careers.

Behavioral Health Associates must have a high school diploma or GED, be able to pass a state and federal background check, follow a dress code, and possess basic knowledge of how to use a computer and Microsoft office software.

Behavioral Health Associate Job Description

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