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Can You Prevent and Eating Disorder with Your Teen?
March 7, 2017

Can You Prevent Eating Disorders in Teens?

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have been a grave concern amongst teens in Alaska for a while now, and the risk continues to increase. When we talk about prevention, Read More

February 28, 2017

How Serious is Prescription Drug Abuse in Teens?

Prescription drug abuse among teens is a growing problem in the US. Unfortunately, kids no longer have to go outside the home to find drugs to get high. The high Read More

February 21, 2017

4 Common Mental Health Disorders

Anyone who is raising or has raised a teenager knows that the adolescent years are full of exhausting ups and downs. It can be hard to keep up with where Read More

February 14, 2017

What is Anorexia and Bulimia in Teens?

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) are a growing problem amongst teens today. In fact, one report says that 1 or 2 out of every 100 Read More

February 7, 2017

Tips for Teen Suicide Prevention

If you think a youth you know may be at risk for suicide, it can be a very alienating knowledge. You may be struggling with questions like: Should I tell Read More

January 31, 2017

5 Factors that can Cause Teen Depression

As with adults, there is no one specific thing we can point to and say “that causes depression.” With most teens, there will be a variety of factors that can Read More

January 25, 2017

You Can Save a Friend! Suicide Prevention Tips for Teens

Even if your friend hasn’t asked for help specifically, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t signs that they need help. Most teens who make a suicide attempt don’t really want Read More

Does My teen Have a Mental Illness
January 15, 2017

11 Warning Signs Your Teen is in Crisis

The teenage years are challenging for both you as the parent and your teen. It can be a confusing time of raging hormones, turmoil and difficult questions. Unfortunately, there is Read More