Assistant Program Coordinator

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Assistant Program Coordinators are program leaders who support the Program Coordinator to provide continuity of care to the young people and families they serve. The position ensures all team members are well trained and prepared to provide quality treatment. The position is also responsible for delegation of work, assignment of duties, completion of tasks, and assisting in resolving emergencies. The Assistant Program Coordinator is in charge of the program during their scheduled shifts on evening and weekend hours when the Program Coordinator is not present.


Assistant Program Coordinators support the principles and values of trauma-responsive care which are delivered according to agency policies, accreditation standards, and licensing requirements.


Representative Tasks/Responsibilities

  •  Demonstrate sensitivity to youth and families from diverse cultures, backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances. Utilize cultural differences to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Demonstrate a role model awareness and application of developmental theory, empathy for others and active listening techniques.
  • Training or ensuring that team members are well trained for the work they do.
  • Ensuring team members understand job expectations, program goals, and agency mission.
  • Identifies and resolves problems in the program. These problems could be employee, young person, or program related.
  • Assists in resolving emergencies, quality, or safety concerns.
  • Provides reports and activity updates to management.
  • Provides and document individual and group supervision for assigned team members.
  • Schedules work hours and shifts for the program.
  • Involved in hiring, corrective action and other performance management activities.
  • Provides feedback to team members, both constructive and positive.
  • Shares JYS updates, financial results, and other agency information with team members.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.



  • Support team members and the young people they serve, remain calm and professional, and use good interpersonal skills to diffuse crisis situations.
  • Act as a leader in the program and a positive role model for team members.
  • Apply the principles of child development, behavioral health, and crisis intervention.
  • Train and model a variety of skill building, skill development and group learning activities.
  • Provide staff training and effective supervision in a supportive, constructive manner that empowers team members and promotes competency. In partnership with Human Resources personnel, use progressive disciple as necessary.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in any related field, and

One year experience in a supervisory position working with youth in a related setting.

Clearance of state and federal background checks

Current Alaska driver’s license and coverage under agency insurance


NOTE:    JYS is a dynamic organization changing as needed to best address its goals. This job description is representative of duties at a moment in time and is intended as a “living document” updated periodically to reflect changes in job responsibilities and/or emphasis. It is not intended or implied to be an employment contract but is a communication tool to explain the responsibilities, advertise the job and identify performance measures and potential training needs.