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Case Management

The case management program at JYS utilizes a strengths-based approach, focusing on empowering young people to achieve age-appropriate goals independently and supporting parents to remain firmly in charge of their families. Our ultimate goal is to assist families in becoming self-sufficient.


Case management services concentrate on creating opportunities for growth, education and skill development for young people and their families. In this way, families assess their strengths, develop their goals and utilize their strengths to achieve those goals. We encourage families to build and nurture their informal support networks, while also accessing formal community services and obtaining available resources. We believe families are the experts in what they need and can take control of their own family life. We assist parents in taking the lead in identifying the needs of their children and family, to eventually take control of the search for resources and to view the community as a source in reaching success. This process involves outreach, advocacy and coordination between families, case managers, the formal support network and family informal support networks.


Case managers are employees of Juneau Youth Services, and have completed a bachelor’s degree in a human services field, such as social work or psychology. Sometimes, an employee can have a bachelor’s degree in a non-human services field, as long as they have sufficient experience, supervision and training.

What do Case Managers Do?

Case managers help make sure each young person and family at Juneau Youth Services receives the right type of care, in the right amount, at the right time, in a way that supports their behavioral health needs. Generally speaking, case managers assist the young person and their family in accessing and coordinating high-quality needed services, including:

  • medical, psychiatric and mental health services;

  • substance use disorder treatment;

  • educational, vocational and social supports and;

  • community-based services, related assessments and post-discharge follow-up activities.

Case managers also assist youth and families in developing skills including problem-solving, self-sufficiency and conflict resolution.


Case managers are often the first person families meet at JYS and the last person they work with before leaving. We try to keep families with the same case manager for the duration of their time with us for purposes of continuity. In addition to accessing and coordinating services, case managers maintain relationships with families to make sure the services are working for the families and families are achieving their goals.

How do Families Obtain Case Management?

All referrals go to The Link, which is reachable at (907) 789-7610, for an evaluation by a master’s level clinician. These clinicians conclude the evaluation with a set of recommendations, which often include case management services.

Where is Case Management Provided?

Case management is a community-based service, meaning it can happen almost anywhere including the family’s home, at school, a residential setting, at a community location where the family or young person is comfortable, or an office. We meet families and young people in their preferred setting.

Case management services at JYS are limited to the Juneau area.

Funding for Case Management

Case management services are paid for by a grant from the Division of Behavioral Health, Alaska’s Medicaid program, commercial insurance and self-pay.

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