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Circles of Support

The Circles of Support program provides family preservation services for children who have been engaged by the Office of Children’s Services. Circles of Support aims to promote safety, resiliency and family stability, while preventing youth from being removed from their homes.


Circles of Support staff work with children and families in a community-based setting and seek to provide the majority of supports and services within the family home. Circles of Support staff work with families to identify strengths, needs and protective factors, and assists families in accessing resources, learning and developing new parenting skills, and ensuring safety to allow youth to remain at home with their family.


Circles of Support also works with youth and families who have been reunified after a previous removal, and families who are not engaged with the Office of Children’s Services but have youth who are at risk of out-of-home placement due to behavioral challenges and needs.


Circles of Support is a strength-based program utilizing the Teaching-Family Model. Staff maintains relatively small caseloads, allowing for substantial levels of support to be provided to youth and families.

This form is specific to the Circles of Support program, and is to be utilized by OCS to make referrals to Circles of Support.

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