Cornerstone Residential Facility (Emergency Services)

The Cornerstone Emergency Shelter serves state-custody youth, as well as runaways or homeless youth. We provide shelter and support services ranging from a few hours or days to several weeks. The program is welcoming and supportive of all youth, no matter why they are there. The program has clinical staff who provide assessments and therapy services; we also provide safety monitoring and skill development activities. Cornerstone works closely with families, providing mediation services and treatment coordination. The shelter also provides services to youth waiting for placement in other JYS programs, as well as youth who need assessment and stabilization prior to another longer-term placement.

For Information or Emergency Services

  • Care level : II
  • Age Range : 10-21 years
  • Gender(s) : Co-ed
  • Beds : 8 (+1 Hospital Diversion bed)
  • Staff-to-Client Ratio: 1:5
  • Length of stay : short-term crisis intervention

Please call 907-789-7654 or 1-877-JYS-HELP