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Early Childhood Services

Kindergarten success is an early benchmark for overall school success. The Early Childhood Services program helps young children prepare for kindergarten. Children attend one day of specialized pre-school at JYS. JYS also provides behavioral health para-professional services at the child’s full-time pre-school. Additional services can include individual, family and group play therapy, case management, parent support, and individual and group behavioral health support.


The focus of this programming includes peer relations, communication skills, following rules and routines, and increasing social activity opportunities. By and large, services are provided at the child’s school. We can also provide services in the child’s home when appropriate. 


Children ages 3 to 5 enrolled in a preschool or daycare setting displaying difficulties putting them at risk of failing kindergarten.


The program is staffed by behavioral health associates and master’s level therapists. The behavioral health associates report to the therapists delivering care to the same young people.

  • The Teaching Family Model

  • First aid and CPR

  • Food handler certification

  • Child development

  • Relationship building

  • Communication skills

  • Teaching discipline

  • Clinical diagnoses

  • De-escalation and crisis intervention including nationally recognized de-escalation techniques

  • Clinical issues such as FASD, trauma, substance abuse, etc.

  • Attachment and regulation 

  • Family systems

  • Cultural competence

Staff are required to obtain a minimum of 15 hours of job-related training on an annual basis and engage in weekly supervision with a certified clinical supervisor.


School-based services are paid for through Medicaid and a generous grant from the State of Alaska.

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