Therapeutic Foster Care

We believe all children have the right to grow up in loving homes. Therapeutic Foster Care provides an opportunity for children to live in a home-based setting with a safe, trained and well-supported family. JYS always welcomes people who would like to foster children in their homes. We provide training, licensing, support and a generous stipend for foster parents. Please click the FAQs for more information or call us at (907) 789-7610

Frequently asked questions

What does a Therapeutic Foster Parent do?

A Therapeutic Foster Care parent provides care in their homes for youth. Therapeutic Foster Care youth have needs that cannot be met in their homes. Often these are youth who are stepping down from a higher level of care, such as residential treatment, or youth who have been removed from their homes for safety reasons. Therapeutic foster parents provide a safe, consistent and nurturing environment, and teach youth the skills that they will need to be successful. Therapeutic foster parents perform all of the basic responsibilities of a parent: making sure basic needs are met, ensuring that they receive routine medical care, supporting them in problem-solving and learning life skills, and addressing targeted goals identified by a youth’s treatment team, of which the foster parent is a member.

Who can become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

Therapeutic foster parents must have space in their homes, and in their lives, for children. JYS continuously seeks diversity in our foster homes and believes that individuals or families from a variety of backgrounds can be effective therapeutic foster parents. In addition to a compassionate approach, and a desire to help youth, potential foster parents must have:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Room in their homes
  • A level of flexibility that allows the accommodation and prioritization of the needs of children
  • Physical, emotional and financial stability
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check

How do I become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

Contact The Link at (907) 789-7610, or email After speaking with The Link, you will receive a call from the Therapeutic Foster Care manager, who will answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the steps of becoming a foster parent. If you and your family wish to proceed, JYS will guide and support you through the licensing process and will provide extensive training.

Who are Therapeutic Foster Children?

JYS serves youth from newborn - 21 years old, with homes for teenagers typically being in the highest demand. Youth are often transitioning from a higher level of care, such as a residential treatment program. Youth have often been removed from their family home due to safety concerns. Therapeutic Foster Care provides a safe, nurturing, structured environment for youth who may have experienced significant trauma and instability in their lives.

What supports do foster parents receive from JYS?

Foster parents receive extensive support from JYS, including:

  • Free comprehensive initial and ongoing training
  • Case-based and needs-based training to promote understanding of specific challenges of youth
  • Case management and clinical supports and services
  • 24/7 on-call support for emergencies
  • Paid respite days
  • Financial support and a daily foster care stipend

JYS aims to take every step possible to ensure successful therapeutic foster care placements. This starts with an open and transparent process with families before placing a youth. JYS will provide complete information about a youth’s needs before placing a youth. The final decision about whether or not a family will accept a placement is always that of the family.