Employee Spotlights from the Director

Alex Gembala and Beheshteh Sadeghi

School Based Services

The (Veteran) Dynamic
Duo....When it comes to School Based Services (SBS) in our community,
this tag team ensures that JYS maintains a strong presence in all of our
elementary and middle schools. With a SBS team of more than 20 strong
and nearly 40 years of combined service at JYS together, Alex and
Beheshteh lead a dynamic program in that ensures students throughout the
Juneau School District in grades K-8 receive essential behavioral health
and educational supports in the classroom and general school settings.
Alex has been at JYS since March 2003. During her tenure, she has
served as a Case Manager and Supervisor. She has been a SBS Program
Coordinator since May 2006. Behesteh first joined JYS in 1994 as a
Youth Counselor. She later served as a Case Manager and Supervisor, and
she has been a SBS Program Coordinator since 2008. If you're looking
for commitment and leadership in our community and schools, then look no
further. You have found both these two ladies. Alex and Beheshteh,
your commitment to JYS and our community is overwhelming. Thank you.
Everyday.....thank you.

Moe Eneliko

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Welcoming, professional, amazing customer service,
entertaining, and a love for beautiful scarves!! Those are just a few
ways I think of when I see Moe. Moe Eneliko joined the JYS family in
February 2013, serving as a Behavioral Health Associate, first at
Cornerstone Emergency Shelter and later at Miller House. In April 2017,
Moe transitioned to our Administrative Offices to begin serving as our
Front Desk Administrative Assistant. Moe's energy is contagious, and
his attitude when approaching his work reminds me each day how fortunate
we are to have someone like this as part of our family. Moe, thank you
for your 4 years of service to JYS. I'm grateful that every family who
enters our offices are welcomed by you with so much acceptance and
support. We are a stronger agency because of amazing staff like you.

Viki Kibodeaux


Energetic, an accomplished writer, passionate to see
young people succeed, determined, engaging, someone who strives to
impact the lives of young people every day. Those are just a few of the
many amazing attributes that come to mind when I think of Viki. Viki
approaches her work with a fiery passion that embraces her opportunities
each day she comes to work to positively impact the young people we
serve in JYS residential treatment. Viki joined the JYS Family in
January 2016 where she served as a Behavioral Health Associate at our
Lighthouse Program, where she has now become Program Coordinator. Viki, without doubt you love what
you do. I am grateful that our young people at Lighthouse have you
as part of their support team.