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4 Benefits of Family Therapy

When a teen is facing challenges, their struggles affect their entire family. Family therapy is a type of group therapy that explores this dynamic. This style of therapy looks at the entire family, as well as each individual and their role within the unit. Family therapy includes anyone close to the teen, including immediate and extended family.

Family therapy provides everyone with a safe place to heal as they work through their feelings. If your teen is wrestling with depression, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, or substance abuse, it affects the whole family. Family therapy strives to provide a place where each member can be a part of the healing process. Here are a few of the many benefits:

Develop Coping Skills

Therapy teaches coping skills that are critical to the recovery process. Family therapy provides teens with techniques to use in their daily lives and teaches family members how to cope and help. Family therapy also teaches family members how a healthy family functions and how they can adopt these principles.

Focus on the Family, Not the Individual

Battling mental illness or substance abuse can feel isolating. A teen might already feel like they’re under a lot of stress and pressure from their family members. They might face feelings of being unloved or like they’ve disappointed their family. Family therapy focuses less on the troubled teen and their issue, and focuses more on the entire family unit. This helps the teen feel included and accepted.

Recognize Conflicts

Family therapy helps family members recognize existing conflicts. It teaches individuals and the entire family methods for handling conflicts. This leads to positive and beneficial changes.

Strengthen Bonds

Family therapy is a safe space for individuals to share their feelings. This openness strengthens the family and helps them develop strategies to work through future problems together. Family therapy helps the family be stronger and closer, even when they face hard situations.

Every member doesn’t need to attend every session. Family therapy is tailored to the family’s needs. Family therapy is very active and looks to each member of the family to engage in counseling sessions. It focuses on using the family's strengths in handling the issues at hand.

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