Updated: Aug 22

Working and playing in breathtaking Juneau with a career at JYS

Here at Juneau Youth Services, we work hard to fulfill our mission of serving Alaska’s most vulnerable population- children and teens with behavioral health needs. Through various programs, we’re able to provide a wide range of services to young Alaskans, including emergency, residential and community-based mental health and substance use services.

It’s tough work to say the least, but ensuring the mental health of our next generation is necessary work. For our employees who see the challenges and struggles that JYS clients face every day, being able to offer help is fulfilling and rewarding.

It takes a special kind of character to do the tasks at hand here at Juneau Youth Services. Grit, determination, compassion and kindness are all a common thread in our employees.

People like Shelly Austin, our Human Resources Director, who actually began her career at JYS in

1994 as a youth counselor. She spent eight years at JYS before she earned a graduate degree and worked in the HR field in the public sector for 16 years.

“I am so pleased to have my career come full cycle and return to serve as the HR Director,” Shelly says. “The basic premise of JYS is still the same- serving the kids and families. The faces may look different, but the same passionate care for the people we serve is prevalent.”

Today, Shelly’s primary role exists to support each program with its employee needs, including recruitment, retention and benefits. She serves as an employee advocate and ensures employment laws are adhered to.

And when it comes to life in Juneau, another common thread among JYS staff is a love for adventure. When Shelly is not at work, you might spot her on one of Juneau’s many hiking trails which she adamantly claims are the best in the entire state.

“Juneau is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived,” Shelly says. “It’s wildly mystic. The weather may not be that great all the time, but when the sun is shining, there is no prettier place!”

More information about exciting career opportunities at JYS can be found on our website.