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Jade’s Story: Gratitude, Inspiration and a Way Forward

Before 2019, Jade Colbank would’ve told you that they never wanted to see a therapist again.

Jade had been in and out of different therapist’s offices, treatment programs and support groups, and yet still felt completely alone.

“I had a lot of family issues that were causing a lot of conflict. Being at home was depressing because I felt like I couldn’t be myself. I tried going to a LGBTQ support group but I just felt so alien, so alone. I was just really depressed at home,” Jade said. “I had no one to support me, I had no outlet, nowhere to go.”

Jade left what they thought would be their last experience with a treatment facility, and was determined to never seek out that kind of help again.

But once Jade connected with JYS, things started looking up. The biggest difference? Everyone at JYS really seemed to care, they said.

“I was trying to find an outlet of any kind where I could just be myself and JYS was that perfect option,” Jade said.

Fast forward two years later, and Jade is a new “graduate” of Juneau Youth Services programs, a freshman in college, living in a dorm, and working a part-time job. A major shift from where they were- success to be proud of.

“If it wasn’t for JYS, I’d be dead,” they said. “I think JYS was able to help me figure out who I was.”

The experience at JYS turned out to be inspiring and life-changing in more ways than one.

Jade is going to school to become a therapist with goals of one day, working for the same organization that helped Jade find a path forward.

“JYS saved my life,” Jade said. “I had literally nothing, that's why I'm so thankful to Juneau Youth Services.”

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