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Jessi, The Link Director, Shares Her Light

Jessi Winker is the director of The Link at JYS. She calls The Link the “big front door” to all of JYS’s services. The Link is there to answer any questions and make assessments. The Link staff members connect people to the right program or community resource that is best suited for their needs.

“It's important because it makes sure that people are quickly and easily connected to the things that they're needing, and it prevents barriers and complications in an otherwise complicated system that is health care,” Winker said.

Winker takes pride in guiding staff members through how to best interact with people in a time of crisis or confusion. JYS works well together as a team and is innovative with coming up with new programs and services.

“At a director level, being able to support my staff and being able to create programs that allow people to get through those hard moments is really powerful to me and really meaningful.”

Winker loves the ability to make an impact at JYS and she appreciates the hard work and commitment of her coworkers. Staff members are trained in evidence-based practice. Clinicians provide the gold standards of treatment. The entire agency is getting certified in the Teaching Family Model.

“I have wonderful teammates,” Winker said. “We work on projects collaboratively. And that is my favorite thing about working here and it really leads to the positive outcomes, changes and services that I'm so passionate about.”

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