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Juneau Youth Services Debuts New Brand and Website

Juneau Youth Services is founded on the principle that every Alaskan child and teen deserves a chance to thrive in a world full of opportunity, but sometimes people need a little help. In 2020, JYS leadership decided it was time to revamp the brand to reflect the organization’s message of optimism.

The new, beautifully bright colors of the JYS brand represent hope. The new logo features fireweed and mountains, which represent the beauty and strength of Juneau and Alaska as a whole. The whales’ tails on the logo represent the spirit of family, which is a core focus of the organization’s treatment model.

In addition to a new look, JYS is also unveiling a new website. The site will better serve Alaskans by making it easier for people to find the information they need. Payment portals, referral paperwork and emergency support service links are all easily accessed. Information about programs, services and philosophies is easy to navigate.

The organization’s message of hope is also reflected in the new tone of the website. The team at JYS understands that seeking help for mental health and substance use isn’t easy. All too often people seek help as a last resort when they feel like nothing else will work. However, JYS wants to convey a message of hope, healing and optimism to people searching for help.

With 60 years of service in Juneau, JYS will continue to evolve to be the leading youth and family-focused behavioral health provider in Juneau.

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