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JYS Success Story

I had a minor on my caseload who had numerous issues of noncompliance, as well as continued referrals for new criminal charges. Once she was admitted into JYS, she began making slow progress, but it came with several setbacks. The staff continued to work with her and refused to give up, even when she gave up on herself.

When she came home on a pass, she was remanded to detention for more issues of noncompliance. She went back to JYS upon her release. JYS addressed the new issues, as well as past issues. They worked with her on a plan for success upon her release into the community.

After she was discharged, she was able to use the skills that she learned maintain her behavior. She had no more charges or noncompliance issues. She continued to reach out to the staff after she left, and they always made time for her.

Today, she’s off probation, has graduated high school and has no new charges. JYS made all the difference in her life.

-A Grateful Guardian

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