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Leave the Big City Behind and Discover Life in Juneau

People reside in big cities for a variety of reasons. Big city life offers access to museums, shopping and fine dining. But that doesn’t mean those same attractions don’t exist in smaller communities. Plus, life away from the hustle and bustle offers many benefits you’d never be able to have in a big city.

Quick Commute

The pandemic had many people working from home. But as life begins to return to a new normal, most people are headed back to work at the office. For some Americans, this means a return to long commutes.

In 2018, the average American spent nearly 2 hours a week commuting to work, according to Census Bureau data. In Seattle, Washington, about 13% of people have a daily commute of more than 1 hour. In New York City, 23% of its residents commute for over 1 hour each day. Think of everything you could accomplish in that time.

The City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska encompasses more than 3,200 square miles. However, only 14 square miles are urban. That means commute times are quick. They give you just enough time to start your coffee and listen to the headlines before you arrive at work.

Easy Access to Recreation

Even if you love city life sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out to enjoy nature. But if you live in a high population area, getting to the trailhead or ski chalet might take time. Whether it’s battling traffic, catching a rideshare or navigating public transportation, the outdoors isn’t out your back door.

Juneau is both a mountain town and a coastal community. There’s outdoor recreation everywhere you turn. Within minutes of your door, you could be kayaking, hiking or strolling through historic downtown taking in art galleries or museums. The community-owned-and-operated Eaglecrest Ski Area is just a 15-minute drive from downtown.

Less Pollution

Juneau is home to around 30,000 people. It’s big enough to have a thriving community with excellent events and local businesses. But it’s small enough to be clean. The air is always crisp in the Pacific Temperate Rainforest. Step outside and take in the coastal air.

Juneau is big enough to support a thriving cultural community while being small enough to give residents the benefits of safety, convenience and easy access to recreation.

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