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Nonprofits Rely on Pick.Click.Give.

Every year as Alaskans eagerly apply for their Permanent Fund Dividend online, they’re

given the opportunity to Pick.Click.Give. The program helps people donate a portion of

their PFD to local nonprofits. This generosity makes a big difference among recipients. In

2021, Pick.Click.Give raised over $3 million.

Juneau Youth Services is one of more than 100 nonprofits participating in the program. We

appreciate the opportunity to be involved. We’re grateful for the generosity of Alaskans

who choose to donate a portion of their PFD.

JYS, like many other organizations, rely on donations in addition to other revenue streams

like state grants. We can’t help our community without your help. Your donations allow us

to continue to serve the needs of Alaska families. Through the generous support of

Pick.Click.Give and other donations we’re able to provide services to support the mental

health needs of Alaska’s future leaders.

Pick.Click.Give donations are tax deductible. Donors will receive tax documentation from

the state once their donation has been processed. Donation amounts are available in

increments of $25. You can choose to adjust the donation amount online through August

31, 2022. Pick.Click.Give is facilitated by The Alaska Community Foundation in partnership

with the Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group and the State of Alaska Permanent

Fund Dividend Division.

Thank you for your generous support of JYS.

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