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Our Quality of Care

We understand the privilege and responsibility of working with Alaska’s youth. Early intervention can set them up for success. We provide the highest quality of care. That’s not just a catchy phrase, that’s how we approach every aspect of our organization.

Quality of care means the implementation of the best practices that we’ve identified to achieve results. This means individualized care under a unified philosophy, the Teaching-Family Model.

“Improvement is not going to be the same for everybody because we recognize the individual and the journey that brought them to JYS,” said Joann Rieselback, JYS’ Chief Quality Officer.

Rieselback is a big part of managing JYS’ quality of care. She makes sure the organization adheres to the standard of care mandated by state and federal laws and regulations. This also includes meeting accreditation expectations. Setting expectations and conducting routine training ensures that the quality of care is maintained.

“We take feedback from our staff, accreditation bodies, stakeholders and families that we work with to always seek to improve and do better,” Rieselback said. “Quality is not a single, static situation, it evolves, and we are always seeking to do the best we can as an organization.”

For 60 years, we’ve served Southeast Alaska. We’re committed to the highest quality of care and will continue to improve our services to help the lives of Alaska families.

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