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Why a Career at JYS is For You

If you’re looking for a job, you probably have a lot of options right now. So, what sets Juneau Youth Services apart from other opportunities? JYS provides well-paying careers in a field that makes a difference. We believe in the right life-work balance and support our staff through advancement opportunities and a generous benefits package. Here are some reasons to consider a career at JYS.

Take a Vacation

Within the first year of employment everyone earns five weeks of paid vacation. That’s more than a month off to visit family or take a sweet vacation. According to the Bureau of Labor, the average American worker only gets 10 days of paid time off per year. And that’s usually only after they’ve completed one of year of service. At JYS, we understand that it’s the time away from work that often makes people do their best at work.

Afford to Live

Entry-level positions at JYS start at $21 per hour. That’s more than double Alaska’s minimum wage. These behavior skills coaches only need to possess a high school diploma or GED and be 21 years of age. This is just the start. We support employees by offering educational opportunities that allow them to advance in their careers and earn even more money.

There’s Even More

Unfortunately, in recent years due to economic factors and more some employers have cut benefits packages. We believe that employees deserve more than just a paycheck. We offer health, dental and vision insurance, and a matching retirement plan.

Be the Light

Many entry-level positions barely pay the bills. Often, they’re customer service jobs that are thankless and frustrating. At JYS, every position is an opportunity to make an impact. The youth and their families we serve are our neighbors. Your kindness and guidance not only makes a difference in their lives, you become part of creating a beacon of light in our community.

For information about employment opportunities contact the HR department at or (907) 789-7610 ext. 102.

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