Residential Services

Juneau Youth Services provides a wide array of residential programs. We are able to offer services, from short-term emergency placement to long-term residential treatment. While each program is slightly different in the services provided, each program also has several things in common with others.


Transitional Living Apartments

In all of our programs, we strive to include families in the process. Family involvement is one of the strongest indicators of long-term success once a child leaves placement. Our programs involve families through mediation, visiting, family counseling, treatment team decision making, and support/encouragement of the family as well as the child. At Juneau Youth Services, we are committed to family involvement and feel it is a vital part of the treatment process.

Each of our programs provides an individualized treatment approach, ensuring that we are really working with each resident on issues that are important to them and their family. During this process, we are also making sure to help them to live cohesively in a community by getting along with others and following all laws and rules.

Transitional Living Apartments

Every long-term residential program provides individual, group, and family therapy. They have on-site clinical staff for any emergencies. Our shelter also provides group therapy daily and individual therapy as needed.

All referrals should be made by the legal guardian and should include all available psychosocial documents. These include psychiatric, psychological and FASD assessments; predisposition reports; OCS reports; and all discharge summaries from previous treatment programs and psychiatric hospitals. Referrals are then considered and reviewed for best JYS programmatic fit, as well as bed availability.

For questions about overall residential services, or if you are unsure what the right program might be for you, feel free to contact Susanne Coleman, Residential Director at (907) 789-7610 ext. 112.


Lighthouse (Girls 12-18)

Our girls program. Lighthouse residents have battled substance/physical abuse, neglect, FASD, and more. The 15-bed program helps them utilize their strengths in seeing a brighter future. Learn More

Montana Creek (Boys 12 to 18)

One of our largest residential programs. Youth with co-occurring mental health and chemical dependency issues are provided comprehensive care that incorporates a strengths-based focus within a multicultural approach. Learn More

Transitional Living Program (Co-ed 18-21)

Some youth need the skills and resources to live independently. Our TLP program helps kids and young adults ages 18-21 successfully settle into “adult life.” Learn More