Montana Creek (Boys 12-18)

The Montana Creek Residential Program is a 15-bed, treatment program for boys ages 12 to 18 with both mental health and substance use problems. The program is designed to serve youth with intensive behavioral health needs who would otherwise need to leave the state for treatment. It is open to youth in custody of the state as well as family custody.

We believe that all aspects of life must be in balance for good mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Behaviors such as abusing drugs and alcohol, lying, stealing, running away, and violence are all things that affect the balance in our lives. The Montana Creek program’s goal is to help youth and their families restore that balance. Thus, we address all behaviors within a holistic cultural context. Our multicultural approach blends a variety of traditions, values, and beliefs. Such worldviews include Western & Southeast Alaska Native, Lower 48 Native American, Contemporary, and Traditional. We weave evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing and stages of change into the treatment milieu. Treatment approaches are strengths-based and family-centered. Resources are focused on problem resolution and working with families as partners in promoting the wellbeing of youth. Parents play a vital role in the healing process with their children.

Residents attend an on-site classroom, staffed by a Juneau School District teacher and aide. Residents may begin attending mainstream school prior to graduating from the program.

Visit the Montana Creek Program Description page to read a comprehensive explanation of the Montana Creek Program including admission and continued stay criteria, length of stay, program philosophy, services offered, staffing, staff qualifications, and FY2021 goals.

Montana Creek Details

  • Care level : IV
  • Age Range : 12-18 years
  • Gender(s) : Boys only
  • Beds : 15
  • Staff to Client Ratio: 1:3
  • Length of stay : 9-12 months

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