Transitional Living Program Description

Transitional Living (TLP) Program Description

TLP Mission

We provide transitional housing and support services to young people in an effort to help them achieve greater independence and positive community engagement. 

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Services Provided by TLP

TLP provides an apartment on the JYS campus for up to twenty-one months for young people ages 18 – 21.  The young person’s rent for the apartment is based on income.  Their rent is saved for the youth and returned when the youth discharges so they can have a security deposit ready for their next apartment/living situation. Alternatives are available for youth who do not have an income. Youth also participate in house meetings and case management.  Additional services are available.

Admission Criteria

TLP services are designed for young people between the ages of 18 – 21 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The program is 100% voluntary.  Young people who do not wish to participate in TLP cannot be mandated to participate.  A mental health diagnosis is not required to use TLP services.

Unlike our residential programming, TLP does not have scheduled days with specific programming.  Young people participating in TLP should be able to independently manage their day – to – day lives safely with a minimum of intervention and demonstrate the capacity and interest to be independent within 18 months of starting TLP.  

Young people requiring close monitoring of medical, mental health or substance abuse issues are not yet appropriate for TLP. Young people presenting significant unresolved issues with:

  • Fire setting
  • Sex offences
  • Violence to self and others
  • Substance misuse

Are not considered ready for the program. JYS can provide services to assist a young person in getting ready for the TLP program.

Service Philosophy

TLP is based on the philosophy of Positive Youth Development (PYD).  PYD purports four domains and seven features.  These domains include assets, agency, contribution and enabling environment.  The seven features include skill building, youth engagement and contribution, healthy relationships and bonding, belonging and membership, positive norms and expectations, safe space, and access to age appropriate and youth friendly services.  The fundamental TLP services include: 

  • safe and stable housing;
  • strengths discovery and futures planning; 
  • life skills learning and practice; 
  • education and job readiness assistance; 
  • behavioral health services when indicated; and 
  • supporting the transition to long-term housing

Young people are encouraged to be active members of their community and to participate in developing program rules and expectations that improve safety and program outcomes. 


TLP has one dedicated staff person.  This is a Program Coordinator reporting to the Chief Clinical Officer.  The Program Coordinator ensures each young person has an apartment.  The Program Coordinator collaborates with the Facilities Department to ensure each apartment is in adequate condition and adheres to local housing codes.  The Program Coordinator maintains relationships with all young people participating in TLP, makes referrals for case management, skills development and treatment services, and assists with providing these services.  

How are TLP services paid for?

TLP apartments are paid for by rent paid by the individual, a generous grant from the State of Alaska and from the Juneau Community Foundation.  Treatment services (case management, skills development and therapy) are paid for through Medicaid, private insurance or cash using a sliding fee scale.  

FY 2021 Program Goals

  • Maintain 90% utilization of all apartments
  • Develop program procedures
  • Refurbish apartment units that become vacant