School Based Services Program Description

School Based Services Program Description

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JYS provides therapeutic and behavioral modification services to children and youth in Kindergarten through eighth grade experiencing significant difficulty in school due to a qualifying behavioral health diagnosis.  The purpose is to help young people successfully engage in the mainstream programming provided by the school. JYS has contracts with most of Juneau’s schools to provide a team of therapists and behavioral health associates to provide:

  • Assessment services
  • Individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy
  • Case Management
  • Parent support
  • Individual & Group Behavioral Health Supports/skill building in the classroom

We have staff available during school to support young people in their classrooms.  

Programming continues during school breaks, including summer and in-service days. The focus of this programming includes, but is not limited to:

  • Peer relations
  • Communication skills
  • Following rules/routines
  • Increasing pro-social activity opportunities

Where do Services Take Place?

By and large, services are provided at the child’s school. Some treatment services can be provided at our Jordan Avenue location when school is not appropriate.  We can also provide services in the child’s home when appropriate. 


All referrals to JYS are sent to the Assessment Center for an evaluation by a trained clinician.  These clinicians conclude the evaluation with a set of recommendations, which can include School Based Services.  Assessments can take place either at the child’s school or a JYS location.

Program Staffing

The SBS Program is staffed by Behavioral Health Associates and both licensed and un-licensed Master’s level therapists.  The Behavioral Health Associates report to the therapists delivering care to the same young people.  The therapists report to the Chief Clinical Officer for clinical supervision.  The Chief Clinical Officer is assisted by a Program Coordinator to manage administration of the program.  

Staff are trained in: 

  • First aid & CPR
  • Food handler certification
  • Child development
  • Relationship building
  • Communication skills
  • Teaching discipline
  • Clinical diagnoses, per the DSM V
  • De-escalation and crisis intervention including nationally recognized de-escalation Techniques
  • Clinical issues such as FASD, trauma, substance abuse, etc.
  • Attachment and regulation 
  • Family systems
  • Cultural competence

Staff are required to obtain a minimum of 15 hours of job-related training on an annual basis, and engage in weekly reflective supervision with a certified clinical supervisor.

Funding for School Based Services

School Based Services are paid for through Medicaid and generous grants from the State of Alaska. JYS assists eligible families in applying for Medicaid.

How do Families Obtain SBS?

Families interested in obtaining SBS can go through their school or JYS assessment center (789-7610.) Anyone can make a referral, however parents/guardians must approve the provision of the service.  JYS will not provide services to a young person without parent/guardian permission.

2021 Program Goals: 

  1. Procedure manuual
  2. Expand into both middle schools