School-Based Services

Juneau Youth Services’ School-Based and Early Childhood Services provides comprehensive therapeutic services to children in all school levels, including Head Start and preschool programs in the Juneau School District. Our paraprofessional staff members provide both individual and group-based support services in and out of the classroom setting, while our clinical staff members provide before or after school therapy. By providing counseling, structure and assistance, we strive to help students manage behaviors and emotions to feel successful in the mainstream school setting. Activity-based day programming is also provided during the summer and holiday breaks. SBS works with the following schools:

  • Gastineau Community School

  • Glacier Valley Elementary

  • Harborview Elementary

  • Riverbend Elementary

  • Mendenhall River Elementary

  • Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School

  • Floyd Dryden Middle School


Families interested in obtaining SBS should contact The Link (907) 789-7610, or by fax, (907) 789-8443. Anyone can make a referral however, JYS will not provide services to a young person without parent/guardian permission.