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Supporting Us

For 60 years, Juneau Youth Services has been working to keep families together and support children with behavioral health challenges. Your generous support helps us ensure the mental health of Alaska’s next generation.


COVID-19 brought additional financial challenges. Your donation will help us achieve our goals of updating our buildings, provide technology to staff so they can accommodate tele-behavioral health needs, and provide PPE equipment to help our staff safely engage with youth and families. 

What We Do

Juneau Youth Services responds to the behavioral health needs of Alaska’s most vulnerable youth populations. We serve children, teens and their families- without judgment- by embracing all the characteristics and experiences that define each one of us as individuals. We believe growth is best achieved by connecting with people where they are to support who they believe they’re meant to be. Our primary goal is helping families stay together.

Why We Do It

Healthy communities start with healthy families. Across the country, one in six children ages 2 to 8 has a diagnosed mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. The most commonly diagnosed mental disorders among children are ADHD, anxiety, depression and behavior problems. Many of these disorders can be detected and treated starting in elementary school. Studies show early professional intervention can prevent the onset of delinquent behavior. By developing coping tools and healthy relationships with adults, youth become less vulnerable to high-risk behaviors.  

What You Can Do

We can’t help our community without your help. Juneau Youth Services relies on several revenue streams like state grants and donations to provide services. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve the needs of Alaska families.

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