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The Link

The Link is your first point of contact with Juneau Youth Services. All general inquiries and referrals go through The Link. Knowledgeable staff will answer any questions about services and philosophies. They schedule and complete integrated behavioral health and substance use assessments. A master’s level clinician will conduct the assessment within three days of the request. In more urgent circumstances, The Link can provide same-day assessments and assist in safety planning until regular care is put in place. The Link will provide treatment recommendations based on assessments and assist families with accessing recommended services. If travel is required, The Link staff will work with the family to arrange transportation to Juneau.


You can reach The Link at (907) 789-7610, or by fax, (907) 789-8443. 

Contact Us

PO Box 32839

Juneau, Alaska 99803


907-789-8443 (Fax)

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